Collection: GRIFF / Handguard Grip Scales by M3 Tactical Tech

Griff is German for Grip. Our hand guard grip scales are measured in mm. 100mm is our first length offered in the Griff series. It will be referred to as G100 (Griff 100mm)

We can offer any custom grip pattern, length and color combination. For custom orders please email 

Griff is the very finest in hand guard grip options. We can use any material that is machinable on the market. Carbon Fibers, Micartas, G10, and any other material we can get our hands on. We also plan to launch titanium in various anodized colors as well as our Psycho Tiger flame anodizing. 

If you need to reach out Owner/Founder Kevin a Moore for any reason, his cell is 623-521-3495. We specialize in 3 Gun Competition Color Customizations as well. 


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