Red Skull - Premium COFFEE

Red Skull - Premium COFFEE

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Flavor Profile: Smooth Honey, Citrus, Cherry

Bright, clean, and balanced in taste. Directly from Fincá Volcán Azul, known to be the best Costa Rican Single Estate; refined by over 200 years of specialty coffee trading. This coffee has a full floral yet balanced body, with notes of cherry and honey. Our friends at F.C.J. Volcan Azul produce some of the world's best coffees. Year after year they are constantly improving and pursing the best quality possible. Volcan Azul has been recently gaining recognition after winning the 2020 Cup of Excellence. We are honored to serve their coffee to you.

Flavor Notes: Smooth Honey, Floral, Citrus, Cherry

Roast: Medium Roast (12.5% Weight Loss)

Countries: Costa Rica

Regions: Tarrazu

Processing: Red Honey

Varietal: Marsellesa

Altitude: 1400m

Farm Process: Volcan Azul Red Honey is grown in the shady slopes of the Poás Volcano region of Costa Rica. There the coffee cherries are picked from the trees and processed using the family traditions of Kahle family spanning over 200 years. The outer layer of the coffee cherry is removed and a sticky substance is left on the bean called "mucilage" containing rich sugars. The beans are left to dry in the sunlight until the mucilage bakes into a red color. As the coffee dries, it develops fruity and complex flavors while still maintaining a clean taste. The coffee is exported directly to us, we roast to perfection and deliver to you.