Why M3 Tactical?

Made in the USA

Today, while many products are shipped overseas for manufacturing, assembly or both, M3 Tactical continues to employ veterans and hard-working Americans to support our economy and ensure expert craftsmanship is not lost over time in our future generations.

Expert Design

We assembled a team of experts to bring you the best in ergonomics, blade geometry, design and products that are customized for your unique mission. We have brought modern technology into manufacturing and production. Our products are designed for mobility, strength and will last lifetimes.

Crafted with Care

We make custom knives, edc tools, sheaths, holsters and many other tactical  products. We are extremely good at what we do and we constantly monitor the marketplace to make sure we offer cutting edge equipment at a competitive price. 


  • Connect & Design
  • Prototype & Test
  • Modify & Customize
  • Build & Deliver

We offer custom designed blades, edc tools, sheaths, holsters and other tactical gear. We would love to connect with you and provide a solution for your unique purpose.

Once we have your idea on paper we will design and build a prototype that we will put to the test to ensure functionality and performance.

Sometimes modifications are necessary after testing prototype. We will make any needed modifications and connect again with you to discuss final customizations.

We will take the final tested result and bring it to life, create professional photographs and deliver for your enjoyment.

What Customers are Saying