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M3 Tactical Tech – Mission/Vision/Objectives

From CEO & Co-Owner Kevin M Moore Jr MBA

About M3

I started M3 Tactical Tech with one purpose. To build a company for our Lord God’s glory and to show his love to anyone I came in contact with. The tactical part is solely because that is my passion.

When I surveyed the industry of knife making I realized that there are so many brands in America that are having their knives made overseas.

As a Veteran of the United States Air Force that got to me. I began obsessed to learn more. I started watching shows like forged in fire and realizing how much talent was right here in our own Country. I’ve always been an advocate for American made but I decided there was more to be done.

My passion quickly grew from a focus on knives and branched out into all products in the Tactical industry. I started with a focus on women’s self-defense. I volunteered and held a short-term position as a firearms instructor and I learned that many women who thought they were afraid of guns, simply never had training. Firearms, to anyone that has never operated them, carries some fear. I know that a lot of women have suffered some type of trauma caused by a man in their life and I was on a mission to do what I could. I organized a women’s shooting event which went amazingly well. The company I started to do that is Rising Patriot (Patriots of God’s Kingdom). You can watch the video here.

At the event I had NRA certified female instructors teach. We also had a lot of men that attended to support and encourage their spouses or significant others asking me if I would host a men’s event. Some wanted competition games and some were young and wanted basic training. At the time I knew nothing about the knife industry. I found out the company I was teamed up with made their knives in China and that didn’t sit well with me. The craft and the economy in the United States is in danger if we continue to shop overseas. With lower prices comes lower value. If you don’t believe me come check out one of our knives VS a knife made overseas. Just holding it will change your mind instantly.

I decided I wanted to do something more and began searching for a knife maker in the United States. I found out about Dean Aragon not long after I began my search and learned he was a 13-year knife maker at the time and immediately  fell head over heels in love with his style. I spent days and nights simply looking at blades. My first order was 3 custom Dean Aragon original knives and I could not wait to get them in my hand. Once they arrived I knew I had found the right guy and we immediately started talking. At the same time, I had started working with Albert Mesen, Levi Mecham and Brandon Mecham. Brandon and I had already began working on our ammo cuffs at the time and were in the process of choosing a name for the company.

I knew long term we would need to approach other makers as my goal was to expand our line of products beyond knives. We would also need multiple craftsman in the same line of work because we would never be able to hand make custom items and keep up with demand if we wanted to grow. Each time I approached a new maker my pitch was simple. I wanted to help them make more money and review their pricing and business model to see how they were doing. I finished my MBA 5 months after starting M3 and my professional background outside of the military is sales & marketing. I learned and studied a lot on my own about increasing efficiency, pricing, supply chain management and project management. My desire was to utilize my talents for the benefit of all of us involved and allow them to use their talents more and focus less on the business aspect of things and more on crafting what they love. Every maker I have met is exceptionally talented in their craft.

I quickly learned how much work was involved in communicating with customers, marketing, sales conversations, follow up and project management. It is more than a full-time job and we are now bringing on other employees just to help with this side of things. Being a full-time maker is its own job and for the life of me I cannot understand how it was possible for them to do all this alone.

Fast forward to now. M3 is comprised of many custom makers. We all share the responsibilities involved in operating a business and we have all partnered with the best of the best. We have group discussions all day about the operations of the company, current orders, research and development, advances in technology, advances in becoming more efficient, advances in steel and manufacturing. We work together. Some of our makers have gone full time while working with M3, but the proudest accomplishment is seeing our Blade Smith and co-owner Dean Aragon spending more time with his boys and living a better life. M3 aims to bring job security to our makers, healthcare, 401k, retirement plans, affordable housing and cost of living, work-life balance, and high-level marketing and sales platforms to move product. If we want to win in the United States we have to pull together.

For the Glory of Our Lord God

It is not a requirement that if you are a maker inside M3, you must be a Christian, it is simply my goal to show Christ’s love to others. While I do a lot for my brothers and sisters in Christ, I do as much for anyone I meet. I treat everyone the same, just as Christ did. Jesus didn’t come and hang out with just Christians, he witnessed to everyone with his life and how he loved others. Read the Bible. Lord God tells us to love others so that they will see and feel his love. He tells us to love other without holding back. They way he loved any of us before we even became a follower of him we were all rebels. It pains me to see the way we treat each other on earth. We constantly look out for ourselves. We worry about storing up as much stuff as we can and we don’t want to share with anyone. I didn’t always have this mindset, so I am not better than anyone reading this, but once God changed my heart I allowed him to take the lead. I make it a point along with my wife, to give things to others that are just sitting around so that the items will get used and not wasted. A tool unused is not a tool, it’s just a waste of space. I’d like to add that I feel if we are to do all things for the glory of our Lord God, then we must do it the very best we can and that is why I am so picky about the quality of what we produce.


I love competition, but you know what I love more? … Collaboration. I am not afraid of makers that make amazing products, I simply pray they will partner with us. We all have the same goals in the American Dream. We all want to provide for ourselves and our families. Do you know how hard that is to do if we are all out to destroy each other. This is why we are in the predicament we are in. We shove business overseas because we are too busy nickel and diming each other to death. We want to best money can buy but we want it cheap. How much do we think we should pay for a knife or tool that took days to make? I can tell you if you haven’t spent a day with a blade smith, do it. I don’t care who you buy a knife from, I’d love for it to be from us, but do me a favor and find a local blade smith and ask to hang out with him for a day and be his gopher. Just being there for an hour will help you understand. I hope anyone reading this that has a skill reaches out to me. I do have requirements to be a maker within M3, but those requirements revolve around customer service, punctuality and the quality of the work and item being produced. I am just as concerned for our customers as I am for our makers. It’s a two-way street, we must make the best products coupled with the best service and also treat everyone involved with dignity and respect.

Giving Back

I want to be a millionaire and run a large company… as large as my Lord God allows it to be. The reasons are simple. I know that I will ensure I do great things to bless others that are in need and that are less fortunate than myself for the glory of God. Not for my glory, but for his. There was a time in my life where that was not the case. I’m so glad that God did not bless me with more than I could handle and I can tell you there was a period of my life where I spent money on a lot of pointless things despite the fact that I also loved to spend money on others. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the reaction on peoples faces and knowing God used me to impact someone’s life in a major way. Last year during hurricane Harvey a friend of mine, Eddie Kalel, and I drove out to Texas with a crew of others to help with the damage and victims. We didn’t think, we didn’t really plan, we just called Penske trucks, explained our desire and we were given a free truck which I hooked my boat up to and took with us. I teamed up with a group on Facebook the Shadow Warriors Community Group and owner Eugene Honrath and I planned as we drove 17 hours to Katy, TX. My day job gave me the week off to go help and we stayed with my in-laws as we went and boated people back and forth to their homes and helped salvage what we could from the destruction. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. So many people asked us where we were from and what we were doing there and I got to share my story and I told them that God put it in my heart to go. We shared tears and sweat as we worked together. I had people handing me beers as we boated through neighborhoods and even got to rescue a few people from their rooftops.

Today M3 has teamed up with a non-profit guide service that takes wounded veterans out to camp, hunt, fish, hike and just get back in touch with nature. We work with other like-minded companies that are doing similar things within our own communities and across the United States to give back.

One thing I am very passionate about is empowering women to be the warriors God created them to be. So many men in our country still view women in an ungodly way that I feel it is important to give extra support, especially to them. We support female hunters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts in many different ways.

A book that changed my life is “Kingdom Man” by pastor Tony Evans. When I heard his description of a woman and what she was brought to Earth to do alongside us men I was awestruck. The closest thing I can compare women to what God wanted them to be is the newest Wonder Woman movie 2017 Gal Gadot-Varsano. I still get chills as I watch that movie and see her going 100% full speed doing what she knows needs to be done with “0” fear. Loving and protecting innocent life while Chris Pine begs her to stop, slow down, be careful and act like a lady. She evens ends up falling in love with Chris Pine and longing after him even once he has passed away. Wonder Woman is what every woman should aspire to be, and if I can help women along that journey, I am willing and able to do whatever God allows me to do.

My Mission/Vision/Objectives for M3 are simple,to build a company that shows our Lord God’s love to others in any way possible and all the time. That doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes but we will do our best. It means that we will do things the way our Lord God commands us to do them. To show biblical love to others regardless of their walk of life.

Our CORE Values are: Wisdom / Righteousness / Security

We hope that we never have to use our weapons. The armor God has given mankind does not include the gauntlets of vengeance. God has also told us the HE is our shield and defender.

But, we know that EVIL lurks around us, circling us and seeking to destroy. If God calls us to defend ourselves, our families, or anyone innocent in need… we are ready and at His disposal.

We love tactical gear, and we love and enjoy making the best and innovating in this industry so that we always make the best products with the best materials available.

We make knives and tools and we shoot guns and even carry all of this gear… because it’s cool and it’s fun. Our love for each other and our Creator and our shared passion of Tactical products is what binds us all together along with a mission to do life-changing things for others.

We hope that you take the time to get to know us and to follow us and to meet all of the makers, reps, companies and people involved in making this all possible.


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I hope that you are as excited about what we do as we are and I am always open to new ventures. If you are interested in purchasing our products you can contact me directly or go to our site and look around.

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Thank you all.

I truly appreciate you reading this post and I’d like to share one of my favorite snips from the Bible:

“With God, ALL things are possible”