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Why the Raptool is My New Favorite Tool.

 Let me tell you all about the coolest multitool and the company who makes it! M3 Tactical Tech, makers of the Raptool, is a local business based in Arizona. I especially like that they are a Christian company that is very involved in the community. They genuinely care about their customers, makers, and collaborators and work hard to make lasting connections with everyone involved. In addition, the five owners of M3 don’t take profit from the earnings of their company. Instead, they focus on helping their makers and collaborators meet their financial goals and be able to provide for their families. Not to mention that since Raptool is a local business, they are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line blades and tools. For the past two weeks, I’ve been carrying around M3’s Raptool and figuring it out so that I can let you know about it! So far, I narrowed down my favorite things about the raptool into five categories. Without further ado, here are five reasons why the Raptool is my new favorite mulitool.


Most people know that I always carry some sort of self-defense weapon on me whenever I’m out and about. I always have my pepper spray on my keychain and a knife in my purse. It’s extremely important, especially as a girl, to feel like you have even the slightest bit of protection. A few weeks ago, I started carrying around my raptool. When I hold the raptool in my fist with the tail between my fingers, it can be used as a spiked nuk to punch with in case I was ever in danger. Also, you can hold onto the keychain and swing it around for self-defense as well. I don’t know about you, but I would not want to be hit with one of these things, they’re pretty heavy! haha.


Camping and Outdoor Use:

The Raptool is perfect for outdoors and camping because of all of it’s uses. You can use it as a ferro rod striker to start a fire if you don’t have matches. Also, the heel is a bottle opener so you’re always ready to party (just kidding!). Also, it includes a 1/4″ bit driver for odd jobs. On top of all that, the tail can be used as a pry tool. If you like to shoot guns for target practice, the Raptool’s foot pulls the AR rifle pin and the tail is an AR bolt override. It’s perfect for outdoorsy people especially!


The Raptool is Customizable:

Another one of my favorite things about the Raptool is that the color, paracord and bead are all customizable. There are so many colors available, it’s crazy! Mine is brass and rose gold with a gold paracord and a bullet bead. I’ve also seen a beautiful royal blue one with a navy paracord and blue bead. M3 Tactical Tech takes care of their customers completely by letting them decide exactly how they want their raptool to look.


It’s Great for Guys and Girls:

Just because the Raptool is shaped like a raptor, doesn’t mean it’s only for guys. In fact, because it’s a self defense weapon, I believe that it’s extremely important for girls to be carrying these around. Plus, since there are many different practical uses for this tool, guys like it a lot. Whenever I show it off to my friends, they all think it’s really cool and they mess around with it for a bit, whether they’re girls or guys.


Have Fun With It:

I really like that they’re really cute and fun to play around with. It’s like the new fidget spinner thing! I like to swing it around on the keychain when I’m bored, but if we’re being honest, I’ve hit myself in the face with it a few times doing this. Does it stop me from doing it again? No… Also, I like to mess with the O rings and bit driver inside of the raptool and try to take the bit driver out without moving the rubber bands. Also, I play with the bullet bead by swinging this around too. Another fun thing that I like to do with my raptool is balance it on flat surfaces and make it stand up on it’s feet. Also, I’ve made it “hold on” to the edges of drinking glasses and such, which is pretty cool!


Since I’ve received my Raptool in the mail, I haven’t left the house without it. I always have it with me for self-defense or just to play with it. It fits in my purse really nicely and I can put it on my keychain if I want. I highly suggest you check it out for yourself!


What’s your favorite gadget? What do you use for self-defense? Have you ever seen or used a Raptool before? I’d love to know. Comment below or send me an email and let’s talk!

This post was written by,

Brienna Marie.